Rent Manager

Aiding the online management of UK rental properties

The recent changes to UK legislation in the matters of buy-to-let and stamp-duty caused landlords great concerns regarding the future profitability of their enterprise.

Landlords and professionals have been looking for ways to reduce expenses with the intent to boost their rental property profitability.

Introducing Rent Manager

With the introduction of Rent Manager we aim to create a product that builds trust by promoting a more transparent experience for all parties involved in the lease of a property.

UK landlords and real estate professionals, will be able to manage their rental properties online greatly reducing running costs.

UK Tenants will be provided with the guarantee of a fair selection, a valuable on-boarding partner and a system of efficient communication.

We aim to solve the problem of introduction, on-boarding and management of tenants by offering a comprehensive service that includes background and financial checks, recurring payments, photographic-evidence hosting and communication.

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